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Banditry: Review Security Approach In The Country – House Of Reps Urged President Tinubu

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The House of Representatives has urged the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu as Commander-In-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to direct for a thorough review and evaluation of the strategies employed by the securities agencies in the last few years with a view to find a lasting solution to the current security challenges bedeviling the country.


The House has made the appeal following a motion of public urgent importance moved by Hon, Sada Soli and 25 other Honourable members in order to address banditry attacks in Sokoto, Zamfara, Katsina, Kaduna and Kebbi States in North-West, Nigeria.

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It also urged both Federal and North-West State Governments to reconsider their approach to negotiation with criminals and explore alternative strategies to address the root causes of insecurity, such as improving law enforcement, enhancing Community Policing and promoting socio-economic development in the affected States.


The House notes that Zamfara, Sokoto, Kebbi, Kaduna and Katsina States have been plagued by escalating banditry attacks, resulting in loss of lives, kidnapping for ransom, displacement of communities and disruption of socio-economic activities;


It further notes that, the a number of State Governments across the Country have allocated significant funds to augment the operations of the security-agencies in combating, kidnapping, attacks by unknown gunmen banditry and restoring peace in their respective States.


Recalled that the collaboration and coordination among the state governments, Security agencies and relevant Stakeholders to develop holistic and sustainable solutions to the challenges posed by bandits and other security challenges in Northwest and Nigeria in general.

The House has taken into cognizance the roles played by the Governors in the North-West who showed commitment to supporting acceptable and workable initiatives that promote peace, security and development in the region and have pledged to work towards fostering a safe and secure environment for all their people.


However, the House was concerned that the incessant banditry attacks on Communities in Northwest will significantly impact food production and agricultural activities, jeopardizing food security and livelihoods of the people in affected States of the region in the coming raining season.


Emphasizing on the importance of the review to the security approach Hon. Sada Soli told journalists in his office that, the people in the region have observed that the current approach to security has failed therefore, it required renewed techniques that are in tune with modern realities.


Similarly, the Northwest Caucus of the All Progressives Congress have met and deliberated on security issue which has been bedeviling the region and resolved to meet President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to come to their aid by doing all that is required to end banditry in the area.


Vice Chairman of the Caucus, Hon. Aminu Jaji explained to journalists that, apart from security issues that were discussed, the issue of Abuja to Kaduna as well as Katsina to Sokoto roads are among priority issues that will be presented to the President for onward completion as promised during his campaign.



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