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Corruption: Allow Anti-Graft Agencies To Operate Freely In Nigeria – CISLAC Tells Government

Auwal Rafsanjani

The Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre, CISLAC, Yiaga Africa and other civil society groups, have called on the current government to support the anti-graft agencies to operate freely to rid Nigeria of corrupt individuals and organisations.

The Executive Director, CISLAC, Awual Rafsanjani requested for the support on behalf of other civil society groups during a press conference on Thursday on the ‘State of the Fight against Corruption in Nigeria and Malicious Attacks on Anti-corruption Agencies’, held in Abuja.

He expressed dismay over Nigeria’s current democratic practice, anti-corruption fights by the government and the need for the judicial to uphold integrity in the system.

CISLAC Director said, transparency and accountability are crucial elements for a sustainable democracy adding that Nigeria’s so-called “democracy” has consistently functioned under a veil of secrecy and lawlessness.

He also said despite hopes and fights invested by millions of Nigerians to birth a democratic government, the management of the country’s resources has consistently disregarded the fundamental principles of democracy.

According to him, malicious attacks and deliberate effort to blackmail anti-corruption agencies through influencing sponsorship, incentivised opinion publications in some national dailies, online and electronic platforms, is on to discourage anti-corruption progress recorded by deliberately shielding the kleptocrats from thorough investigation and prosecution.

He said: “We are not unaware of surreptitious moves to backpedal anti-corruption progress with systemic undermining of the Anti-corruption Agencies through activities of corrupt judges, procurement of political power, misinformation on the anti-corruption effort and the undermining of subnational anti-corruption institutions.”

Meanwhile, he called on the National Judicial Council, NJC, to weed out allegedly corrupt judges who are constituting a major challenge to the anti-corruption war in Nigeria, whereby looters have repeatedly used their influence to manipulate the judicial process and system to block arrest or prosecuted to either dismiss or delay indefinitely the cases leveled against them.



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