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CSOs Mobilize Kano Community To Fight Corruption

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The CEHED Nigeria, a Kano based Civil Society Organisation in collaboration with Shehu Musa Yarádua Foundation (SMYF) FCT, Abuja are set to organize a workshop to educate Kano Community on how to fight Corruption in Public Service next Tuesday, June 25.


The event which aimed at educating and sensitizing all relevant stakeholders on the need for Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance in the public institutions.


The theme of the workshop is – “Improving Transparency and Accountability in the Public Sector in Kano State”


According to a statement signed by Shehu Shuaibu, Director CEHED Nigeria said, the main objective of the workshop is Improving Transparency and Accountability in the Public Sectors in Kano State to enable a shift in societal norms towards transparency and accountability by adopting a community-driven and human-centered approach to combat corruption, block leakages in the public sector and hold public sector officers accountable after service.


Others include improving the lives of underserved people by providing them with efficient education (community engagement and awareness) on the benefits of transparency in daily living, including livelihood enhancement support which will engender economic growth and societal development.


As such, the CSOs are inviting for partners to joint hand with them in promoting transparency and accountability to change the narratives of the Kano State Public Sector and Nigeria in general.


It said, the Partnering will provide the opportunities to maintain the existing goodwill with the State, facilitate interaction, opportunities for Advocacy, Policy Dialogue, and Engagement of Authorities for a more transparent and corruption-free society.


As governments in Nigeria  are contended with competing priorities, hence, the need to make important decisions to ensure short-term measures are taken with appropriate regard to long-term financial sustainability and resilience.


Noting that, decisions made by governments today will impact generations to come and will have implications for future policy, tax, and spending decisions.


It further stated that, the basic social contract between governments and citizens is continually changing. Therefore, there is a heightened need for transparency and accountability, especially in the public sector, to help citizens understand how public funds are being managed and spent, how decisions are made, and why, and the evidence and information to support informed decisions.


The workshop is expected to have participants from Kano State Government, MDAs, Financial Institutions (FIs), Government Regulatory Agencies, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Development Agencies, Organized Private Sector (OPS), EFCC, ICPC, Educational Institutions, Religious Leaders, Community Leaders, Youths Leaders, Students,



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