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Sports as a Catalyst for Peace, Unity and economic development

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  • Investing in Sports Infrastructure,more Harmonious and Prosperous world can be built for all – Prof. Faruk Yahaya

By Hassan Ibrahim

A one-day sensitization program was held at the Federal College of Education in Zaria to raise awareness about the importance of sports in daily life. The event was organized by the office of the Sports Director of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Kaduna Axis, aimed at educating students on the relevance of sports at various levels

In his paper presentation, Professor Faruk Yahaya, Provost of the Federal College of Education Kontagora, Niger State, delivered a keynote address on the theme “SPORT AS A CORNERSTONE IN PROMOTING PEACE, UNITY, AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.” He described sports as a powerful tool for fostering unity among individuals and communities.


“This notion extends beyond the simple act of playing sports and includes its impact on social relations, cultural exchange, and national pride. In today’s increasingly fragmented world, sports provide a common ground for diverse groups to come together, practice tolerance, and celebrate shared values. Whether through international competitions like the Olympics or local community leagues, sports have the potential to bridge gaps, promote mutual understanding, and contribute to the overall unity of society,” he said.


Adding that sports serve as a platform for cultural exchange, Professor Yahaya noted that through various sporting activities, individuals from different backgrounds and cultures can come together, celebrating shared values and practicing tolerance. The ability of sports to bridge gaps, break down barriers, and promote understanding contributes significantly to the overall unity of society. As our world becomes increasingly fragmented, sports provide us with common ground to connect, appreciate diversity, and nurture a sense of unity and belonging.


“Sports have the power to bring people together, promote dialogue and understanding, and contribute to peace and development in communities and societies. Through sports, nations have been able to bridge cultural and political divides, fostering greater understanding and cooperation. Moreover, sports have a positive impact on economic development, generating revenue, creating jobs, and stimulating infrastructure development. The benefits of sports extend beyond the playing field, contributing to social cohesion, community development, and individual well-being,” he added


Professor Yahaya further emphasized the need to recognize the potential of sports as a catalyst for peace, unity, and economic development. By investing in sports infrastructure, promoting sports diplomacy, and leveraging the power of sports to bring people together, a more harmonious and prosperous world can be built for all.


Dr. Sulaiman Balarabe, Provost of the Federal College of Education Zaria, represented by his deputy, Comrade Halliru Musa, welcomed everyone on behalf of the Provost. He congratulated the organizers of the program and urged them to continue organizing beneficial topics for students and society.


Chairman of the occasion, Alhaji Aliyu Ibrahim Aliyu, explained that the sensitization came at the right time, considering that many people do not understand the impact of sports in daily life.


Similarly, the Sports Director of NANS Kaduna State Axis,Comrade Austin Bitrus highlighted that many skilled and talented players in sports come from poor families with no sponsors. He urged the Federal Government to create a forum to identify and sponsor talented individuals, which would benefit both the government and the athletes.


“We are planning to organize an institutional competition to select the best players and provide scholarships, encouraging others to take sports seriously,” he said.


Ambassador Comrade Aminu Umar, Chairman of NANS Joint Campus, Kaduna Axis, emphasized the presence of talented individuals in Kaduna State specializing in various sports like football, handball, and volleyball. He called for state government support to further develop these talents.


“If we can have support from the state government, we can achieve more. Even secondary school students should be included, so when they enter tertiary institutions, they can succeed through sports activities,” he said.


At the end of the program, the association awarded several dignitaries with the Award of Excellence, including Wazirin Zazzau Kadi Muhammad Inuwa Aminu, Provost Dr. Sulaiman Balarabe, and Senator Shehu Sani, among others.


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