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Why Senators Fight Over Sitting Arrangement

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After 40 days of recess the Senate resumed plenary in the renovated Chamber on Tuesday. However, the seating was marred by quarrels among Senators over sitting arrangements .

The trouble started when the President of the Senate , Godswill Akpabio started reading names of Senators who marked their birthdays during the forty days  recess.
 Senator Sahabi Alhaji Ya’u ‘ ( APC Zamfara North) , angrily stood up from the seat allocated to him to complain on it ,  to the  Leader , Senator Micheal Opeyemi Bamidele ( APC Ekiti Central) ,
His complaints to the Leader which started on hushed tone, aggravated to shouting match between the two and consequently sparked reactions from other Senators and eventually degenerated into rowdy session .
During the rowdy session which lasted for about 30mins , Senator Ya’u  angrily pointed his finger at the Leader , complaining that the Seat , allocated to him at far right of the chamber was not befitting, being a ranking Senator  who held principal position during the 9th  Assembly.
The verbal counter punching continues when Senator Danjuma Goje  joined them by saying that ranking Senators were not well positioned in the sitting arrangement .
However, in a trouble shooting move , the President of the Senate , called on the Leader and aggrieved Senators surrounding him , to approach the Chair which eventually paved way for Akpabio to read his welcome address after which an emergency executive session was called for by the leader apparently to diffuse the bottled anger among Senators over sitting arrangement .
However, Viewfinder investigation revealed that,  sitting arrangement is not in the Senate Standing Rules rather,  it was an agreement reached that principle officers and ranking members should be given seats in the front
raws as mark of respect.
According to one ranking Senator,  initially,  the sitting arrangement was
in alphabetical order (A – Z) before it was agreed that the sitting arrangement should be made based on seniority meaning those that, come older should be given priority in the sitting arrangement.
Our source, further revealed that,  the confusion is from the new members who served and become ranking members in House of Representatives and they are now Senators.

Meanwhile Senator Yemi Adaramodu  chairman senate committee on media and public affairs reacted to  the story by arguing that there was no disagreement, rancor or any verbal tirade in respect of the seating arrangements in the Senate chamber.

He added that the seating positions of Senators were done in accordance to the established Legislative protocols, saying
  1. it’s pertinent to know that rankings Senators and leadership positions are considered.
Adaramadu.explained that  the new arrangements in the chamber today did not depart from this, every Senator is considered based on this Legislative tradition as observed in the temporary chamber.


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